Society for Participatory Education and Development (SPED)

The community participation in family planning activities exists in Bangladesh in a very limited scale under some localized programs. Family planning programs activities are mostly performed by government or non- government organizations following a top-down approach in the management. The communities consider family planning activities as the responsibility of the government and, traditionally, this has been considered as something to be kept private.

However, there is strong support for maternal and child health activities to be brought under the pure view of community participation as expressed by the participants of the focus groups. It was also observed that if family planning activities are formed jointly with health services then it could be more acceptable for a community involvement. There are instances of attempts to involve the community to some extent under some innovative programs, and some success has been achieved through these pilot programs. However, the sustainability of these existing programs is questionable if current support is withdrawn.

SPED are doing some awareness and Clint refer for receiving the family planning related activities about family planning at grassroots level through Peoples’ organizations’ Lokokendras in-cooperation with EngenderHealth Bangladesh.