Society for Participatory Education and Development (SPED)


Circle of International Reflect-Action and Communication (CIRAC) is a network of organizations and individuals practicing participatory approaches for justice, equity and empowerment. The CIRAC network is a democratic and human space, which enables Reflect Action (RA)[1] practitioners and activists from diverse cultural backgrounds to learn, share and strengthen their practice. CIRAC promotes the solidarity of RA practitioners at different levels in order to strengthen the international RA movement. It is an open network which embraces RA principles in its functioning.  Democracy is a guiding principle of the network, and valuing the diverse perspectives and experiences of key. CIRAC is a space for learning and exchange among RA practitioners.  The learning and exchange at international level builds on networking at all levels, ensuring that international exchange has a strong connection with grassroots practice.

[1] Reflect Action (also known as Reflect) is a participatory approach to learning, empowerment and social change.  It enables people to creatively build and control their learning and transformation process, and starts from their specific context and reality.