Society for Participatory Education and Development (SPED)

Reflect Asia Network (RAN):

Reflect Asia Network could be useful for its network members (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China,  India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam) in shared-learning, sharing of human resources, technical assistance among the members in training, research, evaluation, documentation and dissemination of learning, promotion of people’s issues, and so on. Over the periods RAN has contributed to multi country Reflect Evaluation Project funded by OSI, Reflect Research and Training Center (RRTC), Dhaka, Bangladesh; supported in organizing Asia Regional Reflect ToT held in Nepal, published and disseminated CIRAC core document etc. RAN works-

Ø  To develop human resource capacity of countries intending to implement Reflect

Ø  To document and share achievement, challenges and ideas centering Reflect endeavors

Ø  To develop/strengthen national level Reflect networks

Ø   To link network activities with international Reflect network (CIRAC)

Ø  To learn from each other’s experiences

Ø  To strengthen and promote Reflect

Ø  To strengthen voices of Reflect participants on macro and global issues

Ø  To strengthen Reflect implementation across levels.